Monday, June 9, 2014


Welcome to my World. Even though I stated that originally in my "Roadrunner" blog, this world focus is different. "Roadrunner" is writing, thinking, poetry, devotions, and on and on. This one, Dumpster-Diving, has connected to my main heart ministry officially that was laid on me in the 1990s. It's referred to in different locations by different terms, some appreciating the ministry, and happy that we are digging away -- and some thinking that my friends and I are nuts, deceived and deceptive. I personally refer to it, formally, as spiritual historical research ... however, now I more often refer to it in my casual term, dumpster diving.

The photo background is a large source of what could be considered spiritual research ... for the world. It is at Lake

Victoria, a source of the Nile River, in Jinja, Uganda. The Nile has flowed through so many cultures for so many thousands of years and influenced so many nations, and nearly every continent, either directly or indirectly. [I took this photo near sunset, January 25, 2004, during a 1/2 hour boat sole-tour, a very blessed and enjoyable time.]

The purpose of spiritual research [AKA Mapping] is to uncover the spiritual rituals and worship in various geographical areas. The attempt is to inform pastors, intercessors, prayer walkers, and spiritual leaders in a region of the historical background that might influence the cultural and social activities that have been challenging to them and theirs. The next step is to use that knowledge to determine God's focus and plan for an area, sometimes back thousands of years, and see where the enemy has managed to gain control, either obviously in our faces or subtly hidden under the surface and camouflaged --- lots of information, PILES of it, can influence the thinking, sorting, sharing process. The playout can be intercession, determining the "gold" mixed in the garbage, the redemption process, and, hopefully, restoration and transformation.

Lots and lots of work, reading, sharing, thinking, praying, writing and more and more. Never bored...

My spiritual direction: Amos 2:9 -- Yet I destroyed the Amorite

before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars and he was strong as the oaks; yet I destroyed his fruit from above and his roots from beneath.
So, that's one of my God-jobs. I go for roots. Others go for fruit... porn, abortion, abuse, power-control, and on and on. That will weaken the tree and is absolutely necessary. But, my job is to seek the roots and then hope for partners who will go "digging" with me. Not being independent or "Lone Ranger-ish" -- just working as God lays out the plan.

I stopped filling the blog a few months after I began working in it.  Why?  I didn't want to have people "fighting" against my opinion and my overviewing and my connections.  Don't like to argue.  Even after all these years, when driving around and about from here to the Northwest, the Northeast, parts of Uganda, and parts of other nations, history and "pictures" have been dropped into me on a regular basis.  Then I can spread the word and the Word around to people in the area.

After 4 years, I decided to re-write my original blog post, and re-adjust, re-organize, re-share.  It's still a "me" thing.  I have piles of photos, spiritual and historical books, local and worldwide historical issues, file cabinet filled with topics national and international.  I don't add as much, but sometimes get a call or an email or fb question and am able to move along.  God called me to do the job.  So, He's the Boss.  All I can count on forever!!

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