Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I don't know what else to title this-- Just based on bits and pieces from what I was reading. It was in the book by Michael Green, "Exposing the Prince of Darkness", which was published in 1981, and he was quoting a British author, Ronald Higgins, a governor of the London School of Economics, among other leadership positions. Higgins' book "The Seventh Enemy" according to Green "may likely prove to be the most formidable assessment yet made of the way the world was likely to go in the next twenty years or so." Here's the list: overpopulation, famine on a massive scale, shortage of non-renewable resources, rapid destruction to our environment, growing nuclear threat, and technology racing out of control. His book title is based on what he considered, in a sense, the worst enemy/threat -- man's inertia and blindness -- which would lead to an increase in immorality. Higgins was not a Christian and was not writing it based on a Christian perspective. Even at that, he hit it right on.

In the 30 years since "Seventh Enemy" was published in 1980, it's pretty amazing to see what has occurred. And, at the very least, dealing with the everydayness of our constant "techy" increases, I expect even he is floored at how fast and far his guesstimate has proven true
... for better or worse. [I tried to find info re: him on the I-net, but, other than books, no personal info. -- the most I could guess is that he spends time in Australia and had written a peace-aimed book in 1990.]

I'm so focused on where we've been and where we're going, that it's difficult for me to spend much time simply "playing" and some folks think I'm too dead serious [which I do tend to be, I guess] ... but I'm very pleased when something unexpectedly drops into my vision/lap that is an indicator that it's been worth my "zeroing" mentality.

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